India increased 15.9.14-

India 91,0091 all increased---
Date-15/09/2014 time-1pm

Hellobyte Dialer Link || Operator Code:90006
(Both are new link)
( Due and all network)

Core4 dialer||Operator code: 90006
For Symbian-

Gplex dialer|| Brand pin:2053
For symbian-
UAE, KSA and all other country
[Only for Oman]

Itel Dialer || Operator Code:49446
For symbian-

Softech Dialer|| Brand pin: 1406
For symbian-
latest link

MegaLink CDR Link-

MegaLink PC2Phone for block area Link-
(U.A.E/OMAN/QATAR/ also all country